Anonymous asked: "This is the anon with the ill father and absent brother. Unfortunately my father passed away a few days ago, but your advice is helping me so much. I gained power of attorney over my dad's effects and constantly have people asking questions and wanting things. It’s overwhelming for a 26 year old, but then I remember what you said. That i need to care for myself and be kinda selfish if it gets to be too much. That's helped more than you can know. Thank you so much."

Anon, I’m SO sorry for your loss.  And I’m also sorry that you are the one having to take care of everything.  But I’m very happy if anything I said was at all helpful.  Just make sure to look after yourself and take time away from everything if you need to, okay?  Be well.  




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This is so important!

I never know what to ask and end up looking like a fool cause I don’t have a question prepared.

Don’t be me.



anyone else noticing a trend here?



give us the child

“Subplots bring realism to your main plot simply by existing – by interrupting the flow. Why is this? Because life doesn’t move forward all at once. Interruptions happen, change rushes in, we juggle three or ten balls at once. Readers don’t expect continuous narratives.” — Elizabeth Sims (via planb-becomeapirate)

Would you like to see more male nudity on the show?

Anonymous asked: "It's no problem! Thank you for responding so respectfully even though we have differing opinions. I sore your blog btw"

Difference of opinion is great - that’s what engenders discussion.  How it’s expressed is what matters.  And I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have feelings about JMo and Lana and their relationship or whatever; I’m saying that, from my perspective, it seems moot.  That’s all.  

And I wholly respect your differing point of view.  If it matters to you, then it matters to you.  :)

Anonymous asked: "[continuation] I guess it bothers people because it isn't subtle anymore. Maybe the first couple years they could play it off as wanting the audience to really feel the tension between regina and Emma by separating the actors (a number of shows do this), but as time progresses it just gets more blatantly obvious that that is not the case. I don't think everyone is letting ship fantasies cloud their perception, I just think other people are getting uncomfortable."

Sorry anon! I didn’t know you weren’t finished.  I apologise for pre-empting you with my reply.

I can understand that other people are getting uncomfortable - in one of my previous jobs, I had a boss that did NOT get along with one other managers and was rude to her on occasion when we were all in meetings.  I found that EXTREMELY uncomfortable to witness.  However, did it affect anyone’s ability to do their job well?  Nope.  It didn’t.  Because everyone was a professional.

I know it’s great to see actors getting along and having fun - the Agents of Shield cast, the Arrow cast, the Marvel cast…they’re all loving being with one another.  But I suppose for me it comes down to whether you want these people to be friends or whether you want them to suck it up and do their jobs.  And I guess I don’t really care that much about the former, you know?  I realise I’m probably in the minority here, but that’s fair enough.  Just my opinion - which doesn’t really matter in the long run anyway.

Anonymous asked: "Jen and Lana's seating at comic con doesn't 'bother' so much as it make me feel awkward. Of course colleagues don't have to be friends, as long as they keep it professional And of course they're cordial and complimentary when talking about one another, but at every interview, at every panel, at every photo shoot, and they aren't placed near each other once, it make me feel weird for some reason. This show has been on for what 4 years or so and we have about 3 or 4 pics of them actually together"

Well I was speaking primarily from my own point of view.  I don’t lose sleep over the fact that two women who work together might not get along or aren’t besties.  So there aren’t pictures of them together - they don’t appear to move in one another’s social circles and perhaps it’s just not that important to them.  Is it a shame?  Well, considering the plethora of other shows where the cast DO get along exceptionally well and appear to LOVE having photos taken with one another, then yeah, maybe it is.  

But awkwardness happens.  And I’m sorry they’re making you feel weird, but unfortunately that’s just what happens sometimes, you know?  I’m sure it’s nothing, anyway.  Some people just don’t gel.

THISSSS! Seriously the actresses have nothing to do with their fictional characters…and Morrilla fics are offensive and disturbing.

I think working relationships only matter when they’re so bad that they affect the way things progress (or don’t) in the working environment.  I know that’s happened before but I hardly think it’s true in this sense.  I have to wonder if the people who are so obsessed with whether JMo and Lana are “friends” or not have ever really been in a working environment with a large group of people.  It’s just life, you know?  And JMo and Lana are hardly Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Although now I want to see them do “Baby Jane” because THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.