Anonymous asked: "Dont u think Sara is way too chubby? I mean, i guesss Calie is the one whos going to carry the child because Sara might be pregnant. It would fit to the SL"



I don’t care which gets pregnant. I don’t care about this SL. But, I do think you’re a dick. That much I can speculate about.


Except that anon deserves no windex.  Ever.  Asshole.


Janelle Monáe - Variety’s Breakthrough Awards








She has failed at life. I hope authorities show up at her door.


Yeah you know what

You gon learn today

Fuck all of you. Young people make mistakes. If social media existed like it does today when you were a kid, this might be you.

this is one hell of a “teenage mistake” jesus christ i dont think your idea of teenage fun 30 years ago is making fake bomb threats

This is not a fucking teenage mistake, this is blatantly racist and will have incredibly expensive consequences and if I had done that, I would have deserved the trouble I’d have gotten myself into. The fuck do you think young people should be taught?



some days you do big things and conquer the universe and other days you’re really proud of yourself for making a spectacular grilled cheese and not killing yourself but either way it’s all good 

a very important post

i-am-an-oxymoron replied to your post “anon asked for: Henry is jealous of Roland”

FINALLY! Jealous Henry. I’ve been waiting for a fic like this forever. Thank you! :*

Of course Henry would be jealous.  It didn’t matter when there was nobody else around, but as soon as Roland comes on the scene, Henry’s going to miss having all of Regina’s attention.  Obviously, he’d have to remember her first…sigh.

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LOL. Loons are .. entertaining. And belong in cold water at a distance from the observer. ;-) Regina in a backless gown, making Emma wait, on the other hand…That’s a completely different kind of shiver.

I couldn’t decide what I liked more: Emma propositioning Regina at the party, or Regina making Emma wait.  That’s why I included both, heh.  ;)

walnuthulls replied to your post “naptimelobotomy asked for: Regina is wearing an open back gown, and Emma can’t keep her hands off.”

Oh, MY. :-D

Now, I wonder what prompted that response: Regina in a backless gown, or David and MM dancing like loons…



naptimelobotomy asked for: Regina is wearing an open back gown, and Emma can’t keep her hands off.

"You look amazing," Emma whispers into Regina’s ear as they’re safely ensconced away from the dancefloor and the crowds of people milling around on it.

"Which is more than can be said for your parents," Regina comments as they both look at David and Mary Margaret flailing away in front of one another, "who haven’t been blessed with what one might call natural rhythm."

Emma grimaces inwardly - she’d managed to avoid this sort of embarrassment growing up but now it seems that she’s getting a childhood’s worth in one fell swoop; she moves a little closer to Regina and revels in the curve of the other woman’s back, gloriously and shamelessly exposed by the cut and style of the gown she’s wearing.

"How about," Emma leans forwards and can barely stop herself from brushing her lips against Regina’s neck, "you and me stop staring at my parents and stare at one another instead, in our bedroom?"

"That’s quite the offer," Regina lets out a little sigh as Emma’s fingers trail across her lower back, nails scraping over skin, "but as I went to so much trouble to find a gown that you couldn’t resist, I think I’m going to make you wait at least another hour."

foomatic asked for: Swan Queen, first time holding hands in public

"I wish I’d brought my mittens," Emma exclaimed dolefully, cupping her hands in front of her mouth and blowing hard onto them.

"Ah, yes," Regina hummed, "I believe Henry had a pair just like them - when he was five.”

"You know," Emma commented, tugging her coat more firmly around her as they wandered down Main Street, "you’re lucky that I can tell you’re being affectionate when most people would think you were just being insulting."

Regina merely smiled beatifically and slid her hand into Emma’s, eliciting an expression of such surprise that she couldn’t help laughing as Emma blurted, “Regina - you know people can see us - what are you doing?”

"Keeping your hands warm," Regina said firmly, and squeezed Emma’s fingers between her own.