when you realize that one day youre going to be the Lesbian Aunt

I AM the lesbian aunt.

I’m the lesbian Great Aunt. I’m literally Maggie Smith.


indians light clay oil lamps, known as diyas or deepas, in celebration of the third day of diwali. known as the festival of lights, diwali, which begins this year on october 21 (a day earlier in south india), lasts for five days. 

what originated as a festival to mark the last harvest of the year and seek the divine blessing of lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, has over the centuries become a national festival enjoyed by most indians regardless of faith. (consider that india is the second most populous muslim nation on the planet)

photos by (click pic) amit daveajay verma, arif alipiyal adhikary, kevin frayer, altaf qadri, sanjeev gupta and shakil adil. the diyas in the first photo have been arranged to spell “happy diwali” in hindi. 


The saddest word
in the whole wide world
is the word almost.

“I ruin people. They either crumble like sand under my burdens or drown in my seas of sorrow. People do not understand that when I shut them out, they are dodging a bullet.
And I am so sorry to the people I let in - I am selfish.” — i am a death sentence, e.m (via b0thers)

Fan fiction reviews


Imagine you have a coworker who likes to bake. Every week, they bring in a batch of delicious, homemade cookies and leave them in the break room. Next to the plate of cookies is a sign, “If you like my cookies, could you please just leave me a note and tell me what you like about them? The more feedback you leave about what you like, the more incentive I have to bake.” A hundred coworkers walk by and take a cookie. One person leaves a note. “Great cookies! Bake some more soon!”

The next week, once again there are cookies in the break room with the same sign. Once again a hundred people take a cookie and only one person leaves a note. “Nice! More soon!”

Week Three- Once again, a hundred people take a cookie. No one leaves a note.

Week Four- One hundred people take a cookie. No note.

Week Five- There are no cookies. Someone leaves a note. “Where are the cookies? I loved them. Please, please bake some cookies.”

Week Six- There are no cookies. Ten people leave notes. “I miss your cookies. They were my favorites. I loved the chocolate chips. My friend really liked the way you had almonds in the cranberry ones.”

Week Seven- Motivated by the wonderful notes, the baking coworker stays up late to bake the best batch of cookies they have ever made. That week, a hundred people take a cookie. No one leaves a note. 

The co-worker gives up baking for their colleagues.


Please, if you like the fan fiction that you are reading, let your authors know. Stories are abandoned for a myriad of reasons, but it is very, very hard to stay motivated when you receive no positive feedback. If there is a story that you like, whether it is a completed one or a work in progress, please leave an up-lifting comment or review. By doing so, you’re providing that writer with motivation to spend their time and energy creating more stories for you.

And that way, you both win!

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I saw your donation drive on AO3, and I'm wondering what the money is for, exactly? $70,000 seems like a /lot/ of money. Is there somewhere I can see a list of intended purposes? Thank you!"







70,000 USD does seem like a lot, which is why many of our users may be surprised to find out that in 2015, the OTW will need 75,000 USD just to replace old servers and expand capacity! The OTW’s annual budget for 2014 is 221,863.44 USD, and 70% of that goes directly to servers, collation, and staff development for AO3. The remaining 30% of our 2014 budget funds Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures; covers administrative costs; allows for outreach and membership development (such as our thank you gifts and shipping); and provides opportunities for professional development and training for personnel. All of these things help the OTW protect and celebrate fans and fan culture.

I find it amazing that people think that’s a lot of money to ask. It’s incredibly expensive to fund such heavily used and non ad supported websites, and that before anyone even gets paid for their work. I am definitely donating what I can to this drive, and I hope if you have a few dollars spare and benefit from Archive of Our Own, or any of their projects you will consider donating as well.

I donated a bit this year and I hope those of you who can will consider doing the same. I spend at least a half hour on AO3 everyday and I wish I could give them more to keep it beautifully ad free. 

Are you kidding me? 70,000 is NOTHING. That is insanely low for running such an amazing service, not to mention such a highly trafficked website. This amount would be considered a low to middle wage for a starting web developer. That’s one developer. For one year.

Please, please think about the level of service that web apps and other tools like AO3 provide and SUPPORT THEM. It’s staggering, and they deserve ten times this level of funding, which would still be a VERY low operating budget for a site of this scale.

if you love reading your fanfic on a gloriously easy to read website, drop some change on these awesome folks

Please consider a donation. The site is worth every cent.

I can see them indulging in a “moment” (although my parents have never done anything that weird) but they’re so disconnected from everything else in Emma’s life that it’s very…off.

You got MARRIED and your parents weren’t like THAT about it, though. It was just…awks. Hugely awks.


BBC Music presents “God Only Knows.”

Line by line breakdown

BBC Concert Orchestra
Martin James Bartlett - celeste
Pharrell Williams – I may not always love you
Emeli Sandé - But as long as there are stars above you
Elton John – You never need to doubt it
Lorde – I’ll make you so sure about it
Chris Martin – God only knows what I’d be without you
Brian Wilson - If you should ever leave me
Florence Welch – Well life would still go on believe me
Kylie Minogue – The world could show nothing to me
Stevie Wonder – So what good would living do me
Eliza Carthy - God only knows what I’d be without you
Nicola Benedetti - violin
Jools Holland - piano
Brian May – electric guitar
Jake Bugg – lalalala
Katie Derham - violin
Tees Valley Youth Choir – God only knows
Alison Balsom – piccolo trumpet
One Direction - God only knows what I’d be without you
Jaz Dhami - God only knows what I’d be without you
Paloma Faith - God only knows what I’d be without you
Chrissie Hynde – God only knows
Jamie Cullum - God only knows what I’d be without you
Baaba Maal – God only knows
Danielle de Niese - God only knows what I’d be without you
Dave Grohl - God only knows
Sam Smith - God only knows what I’d be without you
Brian Wilson - God only knows what I’d be without you

My grandson, who is 10, was appalled by all that happened with Emma. HE’S 10. I think he would agree with you but use much smaller words. HE’S 10.

Yeah…I don’t know who’s falling for the sort of tripe they’re putting out. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve dated and there’s nothing wrong with dressing up for it but…no. That dress was just everything horrid.