"I was on the cover of Time magazine in June, and that same month, four trans women of color were murdered in the United States. So just because I got an Emmy nomination doesn’t mean the lives of trans people aren’t in peril every day.” - Laverne Cox

Anonymous asked: "I know I'm not the first to say this, but you don't deserve the level of scrutiny you are receiving. You are lovely."

I’m not being scrutinised, anon.  As far as I know…

I just can’t get my head around what the hell is going on in this fandom and why there’s a group of people who seem dead set on hounding myself, my wife and a few other people out of it.  I mean…what’s the end goal?  What’s the perfect scenario that would indicate success?  That none of us ever mention, post about, or write OUaT fic ever again?

I must be having a stupid day or something, but I simply do not understand this level of dedication to excluding people from something.

Is this still going on? JFC I thought it had died down -.-

Nope.  Absolutely not.

I also find myself confused at the mention of “the four”.  Anyone care to tell me who they are?  Because, apparently, if they left the fandom, everyone would be happy…is that right?

I have to ask: what’s the end goal in all of this naming and shaming?  I mean, what do you guys want to happen?  Do you want people to leave fandom; do you want a public apology; do you want sackcloth and ashes?  What?

Because it just seems so unnecessary and upsetting.

Fic: Political Soundbites - Chapter 5: Reprieve

Emma walks into the bedroom holding two mugs of steaming coffee in one hand and a huge plate in the other.  She kicks the door shut behind her and the noise rouses Regina, who has almost fallen back to sleep again in the time Emma’s been gone.  Sleepily pushing herself up in the bed, Regina shoves at her hair, silently bemoaning the fact that, at some point, she’s going to have to do a Senatorial version of a walk of shame and leave Emma’s apartment in clothes that are now crumpled and lying in a heap on a chair in the corner of the room.

“Breakfast,” Emma announces, placing the mugs onto the bedside table then hopping up onto the bed, crossing her legs and balancing the plate across them.

Regina takes in Emma’s attire: plaid pajama pants and a tight, white tank top, and she rolls her eyes a little and sighs.  She’s wearing much the same, only there’s an oversized t-shirt instead of a tank top and the flannel pants she’s wearing are a rather garish shade of pink.


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Anonymous asked: "I guess stoic means strong if we are talking about men, but boring if we are talking about women then."

Of course it does. But that’s what happens when people are indoctrinated by an essentially misogynistic society to believe that double standards are acceptable. Women are held accountable for traits that are seen as “desirable” in men; but men are mocked for displaying commonly accepted “feminine” traits, or it’s lauded as man!pain. It’s how television is usually deemed a success or failure. I mean, look at OUaT.

No. Wait. Please don’t look at OUaT. That’s a TERRIBLE example of how men and women are separated and judged accordingly…

Anonymous asked: "I was reading some reviews for "Lost Girl" on some more mainstream sites and I notice a lot of criticism for Lauren and Zoe Palmer's acting. The usual criticism center around the character being boring or wooden. This criticism reminds me of the fan and critic reaction of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) from Fringe. It's a little bit sad that stoic or reserved female character are often written off as wooden or bitchy regardless of the depth they have shown."

I think some people are quick to dismiss Lauren. I’ve seen parts of fandom call her “boring” from Season 1. Still waters run deep, is all I’m saying. ;)


avocado stuffed with tuna melts

@shondarhimes: Gorgeous ladies at the #GreysAnatomy table read! Season 11 is happening!


another comic about depression even though I’m not depressed at the moment by Roto