Happiness is a well-placed comma…

Tonight I was observed.  I don’t like it - I don’t know anyone in the teaching profession who does.  I had some pretty severe anxiety about it beforehand and probably overplanned and overworried about everything, just because…well, that’s me.

Imagine my surprise, then, when my observer stood beaming as my class sat debating the justification of comma placement in the editing and proofreading class I was teaching.

Afterwards, my observer commented that she’d never seen a punctuation class like that before, where everyone contributed and had an ACTUAL discussion about how to structure a good sentence and what worked and what didn’t.  

Punctuation is a horribly dry topic to teach, and unfortunately it’s the sticking point for so many writers.  When my class not only rose to the challenge, but told me that they ENJOYED it, I was kind of overwhelmed.

Now I don’t really care what grade I get for my lesson.  I loved just watching them engage with the subject in a way I never thought they would.  And that, for me, is what makes it worth it.  We don’t often get moments like that in education.  I intend to savour it a little.  

  1. prettylittleplayground said: And savour it, you should! I’d take your class… you’re moving to the Great White North soon, no?
  2. kathyselden said: But who wouldn’t love you as a teacher?!
  3. walnuthulls said: Glad the observed class went well! Nice!
  4. druzana said: Um, can I take your class? I’m about a year away from my degree and still have trouble with commas sometimes… I use them too much, I think. :(
  5. chakayoh said: Woohoo! Awesome!
  6. ladybols said: this makes me really, really want to take your class.
  7. romanimp said: Grammar is funky and sexy. I refuse to believe otherwise.
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