Someone did a review of summer tv on offer and this was what they said about The Fosters:

As for The Fosters, eh, no. The acting is too bad and the story line too forced. Sorry, I just can’t accept the lesbian/gay thing either.”

The bold is mine, because notice how that sentence starts with the word “sorry”?  Translation: I’m not sorry whatsoever but I’m going to say it because that’s the fashion and maybe then people might think I’m not such a big-ass bigot after all.  

Well, unfortunately, I DO.  Because you know what ELSE is in that show apart from the “lesbian/gay thing”?  Familial love, a solid partnership, working together, talking about things, protecting your family, commitment, dealing with troubled teens, equality, loving your children, calling them your children when they’re not biologically yours, the creation of family through a framework of love, encouragement and support, having a career, supporting your family, being a professional woman, having kids, raising kids, loving kids, loving one another…

Need I go on?

It’s interesting, though, that someone can watch The Fosters and ALL they see is the “lesbian/gay thing” and THAT’S enough to put them off all the other stuff that’s in there.  Yep, interesting.  But, unfortunately, not surprising.

Well done, original poster.  Slow clap to you on achieving IDIOT status in your life already.

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